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Theology and Science Instructions for Authors

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Theology & Science! Please follow these simple procedures to ensure that we receive your document in a standard format that is easy to edit and process.

Hard Copies plus Diskette and Curriculum Vitae

Articles should be typed for submission to the editor on standard 8-1/2 x 11-inch paper, double-spaced, one-inch margins around. If you are printing from a word processor, please use letter quality printing. (Please Note: A4 size paper is also acceptable).

Notes should be placed at the end of the article.

Illustrations: Tables and Figures should be saved as separate files. Each file should be named clearly and logically. We prefer figures to be saved in either TIFF (tagged image file format) or EPS (encapsulated postscript) formats. However, we can accept PICT or JPEG formats. High quality reproducible (ie high resolution output) hard copy paper print-outs must be supplied for all figures / illustrations / tables and must be identical to the disk versions.

The editors would appreciate receiving your article on a 3-1/2 inch diskette on an IBM compatible system with notes typed at the end of the text.

We prefer Microsoft Word, but can also accept texts in Word Perfect and Note Bene. Please clearly indicate which word processing program you used, along with the version (i.e. Wordperfect 6.0). This makes the conversion process much easier.

Where to Send the Article

Send two hard copies plus a diskette (or email copy to: theology-science@ctns.org), curriculum vitae (please include your most recent book or article), and one signed "Copyright Assignment" form to the Manging Editor:

Whitney A. Bauman
Managing Editor
Theology and Science
2400 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA 94709

Each author will receive one free copy of the issue of Theology & Science in which his or her article appears.

Copyright Assignment

All Theology & Science authors are required to sign one copy of the "Copyright Assignment Form" and return it to the Managing Editor. Please note that contributors will be able to republish their Theology & Science articles in works of their own authorship without the publisher's permission, provided that prior publication in Theology and Science is acknowledged.

Abstracts and Key Terms

Due to the growing number of people using on-line versions of journals, and due to the growing amount of articles available on-line, we ask that you write a 100 word Abstract for your article. Likewise, we ask that you create 5 or 6 key terms by which would-be interested readers can find your article by performing a web search. The abstract should appear before your article and key terms should follow.

For Example:
Abstract: This document contains the information that Theology & Science contributors will need in order to prepare their articles in such a way as to minimize distress for the Managing Editor.

Key terms: Author Instructions; Length; Transliterations; Footnotes; Copyright; Formatting

Textual Matters

Transliterations must be used for Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, etc. Include accents only where absolutely necessary. Conform Greek and Hebrew transliterations to the style used in the Chicago Manual of Style. For Arabic, Persian, and Turkish, please use the format found in the International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies. When any foreign language is used, provide English translation set within parentheses after the foreign word or clause, except for commonly known words. Italicize all foreign words or phrases.

Headings. Theology and Science uses only two layers of headings. First-level headings should appear in bold, justified with the left margin, with two spaces above the heading and one space below. Second-level headings should appear in normal print, justified with the left margin, with one space above and one space below the heading.


Where abbreviation is appropriate, use the standard abbreviations for books of the Bible and other ancient documents. If these are not available to you, write out full titles and the editors will abbreviate. Please do not abbreviate titles of journals or books in your text or notes; rather, provide full titles.

Endnote form follows Turabian of Chicago Manual of Style. It is not necessary to include words such as "Press" or "Publishing Company." Please italicize book titles rather than underlining. Here are some samples:

Hans Conzelmannn, Jesus, trans, J. Raymond Lord (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1973), 36-50.

Duane A. Priebe, "Theology and Hermeneutics," Studies in Lutheran Hermeneutics, ed. John Reumann (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1979), 297-301.

George E. Mendenhall, "Missions," in Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible (Nashville: Abingdon, 1962), 2:241.

Edmund A Steimle, "Preaching and the Bible Story of Good and Evil," Union Seminary Quarterly Review 31:2 (Spring 1976): 198-211.

Ethan J. Temeles, Irvin L. Pan, Jillian L. Brennan, and Jedediah N. Horwitt, "Evidence for Ecological Causation of Sexual Dimorphism in a Hummingbird," Science, vol. 289, no. 5478 (July 2000): 441-443.

For subsequent notes after first entry use-as appropriate-one of the following:

Ibid., 38. (Do not underscore the word Ibid.)

Priebe, "Theology and Hermeneutics," 299. (shortened title)


Thematic and other major articles are limited to approximately 20-30 pages (on standard 8-1/2 x 11-inch paper, double-spaced, one-inch margins around) or 5,000-8,000 words.

Book reviews are limited to a maximum of 1,000 words. Please include the following in the title of the review: book title, author, publisher, year, and page count.

Early Electronic Offprints: Corresponding authors can now receive their article by e-mail as a complete PDF. This allows the author to print up to 50 copies, free of charge, and disseminate them to colleagues. In many cases this facility will be available up to two weeks prior to publication. Or, alternatively, corresponding authors will receive the traditional 50 offprints. A copy of the journal will be sent by post to all corresponding authors after publication. Additional copies of the journal can be purchased at the author’s preferential rate of £15.00/$25.00 per copy.

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