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Ian G. Barbour

Born Oct. 5, 1923, Peking, China


B.S. Swarthmore, 1943
M.S. (Physics) Duke University, 1946
Ph. D. (Physics) University of Chicago, 1950
B.D. (Theology), Yale University, 1956

Teaching Experience

1949-53 Kalamazoo College: Ass't Prof., Assoc. Prof. and Chairman, Dept. of Physics.
1955-73 Carleton College: Ass't Prof., Assoc. Prof., Prof. Religion and Physics, Chairman, Dept. of Religion.
1973-74 Purdue University: Lilly Visiting Prof. of Science, Theology and Human Values.
1974-81 Carleton College: Prof. of Religion; Prof. of Physics; Director, Program in Science, Technology and Public Policy.
1981-86 Carleton College: Prof. of Religion and Winifred and Atherton Bean Professor of Science, Technology and Society.
1986- Carleton College: Professor Emeritus


Ford Faculty Fellowship, 1953-54
Harbison Award for Distinguished Teaching, Danforth Foundation, 1963-64
American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship, 1976-77
Guggenheim Fellowship, 1967-68
Fulbright Fellowship, 1967-68
National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 1976-77
Fellow of the National Humanities Center, 1980-81
Gifford Lecturer, Aberdeen, Scotland, 1989-91
American Academy of Religion, annual book award, 1993
Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion, 1999


  • Nature, Human Nature, and God (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2002).
  • When Science Meets Religion (San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 2000); British edition (London: SPCK); French transl. (Paris: Editions du Rocher); Spanish transl. (Santander: Editorial Sal Terrae); Portugese transl. (Sao Paulo, Editora Cultrix); Classical Chinese transl. (Taiwan: Cite Publishing); Simplified Chinese transl. (Beijing: San Lian Shu Dian); Korean transl. (Seoul: Gimm Young); Indonesian transl. (Bandung: Mizan Pustaka).
  • Religion and Science: Historical and Contemporary Issues (San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1997); British edition (London; SCM Press); Spanish transl. (Madrid: Trotta); German transl. (Göttingen: Vandenhoek & Ruprecht); Russian transl. (Moscow: St. Andrew's Press); Chinese transl. (Beijing: Peking University Press).
  • Ethics in an Age of Technology: The Gifford Lectures, 1989-91, Vol. 2 (San Francisco: Harper Collins, 1993); British edition (London, SCM Press); Russian transl. (Moscow: St. Andrew's Press).
  • Religion in an Age of Science: The Gifford Lectures, 1989-91, Vol. 1 (San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1990); British edition (London: SCM Press); Polish transl. (Krakow: Solecyny Instytut Wydawniczky Znak).
  • With Harvey Brooks, Sanford Lakoff and John Opie, Energy and American Values (New York: Praeger, 1982).
  • Technology, Environment and Human Values (New York: Praeger, 1980).
  • Editor and contributor, Finite Resources and the Human Future (Minneapolis: Augsburg Press, 1976).
  • Myths, Models and Paradigms (London: SCM Press, 1973); U.S. edition (New York: Harper and Row); Polish transl. (Krakow: Solecyny Instytut Wydawniczy Znak).
  • Editor, Western Man and Environmental Ethics (Reading, MA: Addison Wesley, 1972).
  • Editor and contributor, Earth Might Be Fair: Reflections on Ethics, Religion and Ecology (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1971).
  • Science and Secularity: The Ethics of Technology (New York: Harper and Row, 1970); Spanish transl. (Buenos Aires, Argentina: Editorial La Aurora).
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  • Christianity and the Scientist (New York: Association Press, 1960).

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