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Partners in the Campaign for
The Ian G. Barbour Chair in Theology and Science

The Chair campaign goal is $2.5 million. There are many ways to make a charitable gift: write a check, use your credit card or donate on-line at To discuss how your stock, wire transfer or planned giving might be incorporated, please contact CTNS at 510-649-2564 or write to CTNS, 2400 Ridge Rd., Berkeley, CA 94709 USA, or email CTNS is a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation.

The Campaign for the Ian G. Barbour Chair wishes to express appreciation to these donors: (updated July 15, 2008)

Ian G Barbour Campaign Donors
Anonymous Family Foundation
John Templeton Foundation requested by Drew Rick-Miller
Jesuit Community, on behalf of Goerge Coyne, SJ.& William Stoeger, SJ.
Lee & Louis Kuhn Foundation
Weiser Family Foundation
John J. Reilly Center
Dr. Doug Adams
Dr. Francisco J. Ayala*
Dr. Ian G. Barbour*
Prof. Kevin P. Bertrand
Rev. Joseph A. Bracken S.J.
Rev. Frank E. Budenholzer SVD
Rev. Randolph R. Calvo
Prof. Joan Carter
Mr. Arthur Cassidy
Ms. Linda L. Clader
Dr. Philip D. Clayton
Dr. John B. Cobb Jr.
Ms. Mary Anne Cooney
Rev. Carl R. Cooper
Rev. Dr. Gregory & Laura Cootsona
Dr. Gary R. Coulter
Mr. Chick D'Arpino
Dr. Celia E. Deane-Drummond
Dr. Charles C. Dickinson III
Rev. Dr. Lindon J. Eaves
Dr. George F. Ellis
Rev. Daren Erisman
Rev. William S. Falla, Jr.
Mr. Michael J. Foreman
Mr. William and Carol Frank
Rev. John D. Geary
Dr. Robert M. Geraci
Dr. Mary Gerhart
Dr. P. Roger Gillette
The Graduate Theological Union #
Prof. Niels H. Gregersen
Dr. Dennis Hair
Mr. James C. Hathaway
Dr. John F. Haught
Dr. Noreen L. Herzfeld
Dr. Marty Hewlett
Dean Arthur G. Holder
Mr. William J. Houghton
Prof. Woosik Hyun
Ms. Mildred D. Johnson
Mrs. Bonnie & Mr. Keith Johnston
Dr. Alicia Juarrero
Rev. Canon Christoph Keller III
Mr. James Kutz
Dr. Christoph H. Lameter
Dr. Karen Lebacqz
Most Rev. William J. Levada*
Sister Elizabeth Liebert SNJM
Dr. John F. Lindner
Pfr.z.A. Andreas Losch
Mr. Jack Maze
Dr. Ernan McMullin
Mr. and Mrs. Dick and Margie Moore
Dr. Nancey C. Murphy*
The Honorable John T. Noonan Jr.*
Rev. Kyeng-whan Oh
Dr. Moses P. P. Penumaka
Prof. Ted F. Peters*
Dr. William D. Phillips
Rev. Dr. John C. Polkinghorne
Dr. Benjamin A. Reist
Dr. Martin J. Rice
Dr. W. Mark Richardson
Dr. Holmes Rolston III
Dr. Allan M. Russell
Rev. Charlotte Russell*
Rev. Dr. Robert J. Russell *
Ms. Nadia M. Saad
Dr. Jack Sawyer
Mr. James Schaal
Rev. Richard T. Schellhase
Dr. Sandra M. Schneiders IHM
Mr. Edwin E. Schoenberger
Dr. Patricia J. Schulz
Rev. Ursula Shone
Dr. Frederick M. Silvers
Prof. Robert L. Smith
Rev. Barbara P. Smith-Moran S.O.Sc.
Drs. John M. Templeton and Josephine Templeton
Dr. Charles H.* & Frances Townes
Rev. John E. Turpin
Mr. Byron Waite
Dr. Kirk Wegter-McNelly
Dr. Claude Welch*
Ms. Margaret Wertheim
Rev. Dr. Nancy S. Wiens
Mr. William Witherspoon C.F.A.
Mr. Adrian M. Wyard*
Dr. Carl M. York*
Dr. Jozef M. Zycinski

* Member of the CTNS Board of Directors
# Indirect support

For more information or to help support this Campaign, visit,
email:, call 510-649-2564 or write to
CTNS Chair Campaign, 2400 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA 94709-1212 USA.

For gifts of support via mail, you may print and use the form linked here. Please make your check payable to CTNS.

Thank you!

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