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The 2011 CTNS Charles H. Townes
Graduate Student Fellowship

In 2003, the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS) created a new Fellowship program for doctoral research in theology and science at the GTU.  The Fellowship is named in honor of Charles H. Townes, who received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his co-discovery of the maser and the laser.  Professor Townes is Professor of Physics in the Graduate School at U.C. Berkeley, and he has served on the CTNS Board of Directors for over two decades.  He is an active member of First Congregational Church, Berkeley. 
The purpose of the Fellowship is to honor doctoral students who have demonstrated clear ability to do very promising research on issues related to theology and science. The selection is based on academic excellence. Students in any Area of the GTU doctoral program who have completed their general comprehensive exams and whose research focuses on theology and science are eligible to apply.

To apply: Students are invited to submit their curriculum vitae, a sample of their best writing in theology and science, and a statement of 1000 words about their research topic and methodology to CTNS, 2400 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA 94709; or email to
Deadline: Friday December 2, 2011, 5pm
The 2011 award will be announced at the conclusion of the CTNS Conference God and Creation: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Perspectives on Scientific Cosmology in the GTU Dinner boardroom, Sunday December 11, 2011, 1-6:15pm

Past Charles H. Townes Fellows

2009-2010: Brian Green and Adam Pryor
2008-2009: Junghyung Kim
2007-2008: Braden Molhoek and Oliver Putz
2006-2007: Whitney Bauman and Joshua Moritz
2005-2006: Gaymon Bennett and James Haag
2004-2005: Nathan Hallanger and Nancy Wiens

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