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Summer 2008
July 23, 2008 E-News for Friends of CTNS


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News and Events

Thank you, Supporters to the Ian G. Barbour Chair

CTNS is continuing to raise funds for the Campaign for the Ian G. Barbour Chair in Theology and Science. We are pleased with the recent participation of new constituents who entrust Dr. Robert Russell and the CTNS Board of Directors to continue the twenty-seven year track record of premier education of graduate students at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in this important interdisciplinary field. Thus far, over ninety individuals have decided to pledge their financial support to this unique opportunity that will continue to expand science and religion education into the future. Contributors to the Chair Campaign are listed at www.ctns.org/chair/roster.html

Partners in the Ian G. Barbour Chair Campaign by Giving Category

Visible Universe ($10,000) 

8 Donors

The Chair Campaign offers different categories for supporters. Readers may find it interesting to see how these categories are reflected in the quantity of donors per giving category.
Spiral Galaxy ($5,000)   

6 Donors

Supernova ($2,500) 3 Donors
Red Giant Star ($1,000) 11 Donors
Planet ($500)  13 Donors
Moon ($250)   10 Donors
Asteroid ($150)   3 Donors
Comet ($100)   24 Donors
Other (Less than $100)  16 Donors

Campaign for Barbour Chair logoYour partnership is needed to reach this $2.5 million goal by the end of 2009. For complete details on how this professorship will impact future leaders and have a lasting legacy in bridging faith and science, visit www.ctns.org/chair/. Easy on-line donation access and details on other ways to support this Chair campaign are also found here.


CTNS Director Lectures in Austria and the U.S.

Along with Ted Peters and others, CTNS Founder, Director and Ian G. Barbour Professor of Theology and Science, Robert John Russell, will be one of the speakers hosted by the Department of PhilosophyBob Russell at the Theological Faculty of the University of Innsbruck, Austria, July 28th to August 1, 2008. This interdisciplinary conference is on the theme, "How do we survive our death? The quest for personal identity and resurrection." The focus of the conference is interdisciplinary. Scientists, philosophers and theologians will present their perspectives on personal identity, life after death and resurrection. The conference will take place in Innsbruck and Obergurgl—the conference centre of the University of Innsbruck. The conference centre is located at an altitude of 2000 meters in the midst of a UNESCO biosphere reserve surrounded by the ötztal glaciers. Professor Russell's lecture is titled, "What does the bodily resurrection of Jesus tell us about the physics of today? Resurrection as a clue to the eschatological transformability of nature." 

Dr. Russell has also been invited to participate in a private workshop titled, "Theism and Cosmology". This workshop is a result of a very stimulating Science Symposium on the philosophical and theological implications of the multiverse held recently at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois
(see www.wheaton.edu/physics/research/symposium_08.html). This private follow-up workshop will take place at the Wheaton College Science Station in the Black Hills near Rapid City, ID, August 11- 15, 2008.


Christopher Southgate to give Presentation in Berkeley

Dr. Christopher Southgate, Research Fellow in Theology at the University of Exeter, UK, will launch his new book, The Groaning of Creation: God, Evolution, and the Problem of Evil on September 10, 2008 at 7:00 pm in the Board Room of the Graduate Theological Union, 2400 Ridge Road, Berkeley, California. This event is free and open to the public.
The Groaning of Creation book cover

Thesis: How could a good God create a world so 'red in tooth and claw'? This is the great question behind Christopher Southgateís The Groaning of Creation (newly published by Westminster John Knox). Southgate's key time in formulating the book was his sabbatical at CTNS in the summer of 2005. So itís great to have him back to introduce the book and respond to some reviewers. The question of evolution and the problem of evil is much studied at CTNS - Bob Russell, Ted Peters, Celia Deane-Drummond (a recent J. K. Russell Research Fellow) and others have recently made significant contributions in this area. So come and join the discussion! The book is available now. Visit the Alban website (UK), WJK website (US), or the Cokesbury website (US) for ordering information.

Dr. Southgate is Co-Principal Investigator with Dr. Andrew Robinson, Honorary University Fellow also at the University of Exeter for "Information and the Origin of Life", one of five Research Fellowships of the STARS (Science and Transcendence Advanced Research Series) program managed by CTNS and funded by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. Drs. Southgate and Robinson are hosting a private conference in Berkeley with their research team November 7-9, 2008. Visit the STARS website to read about their unique research project: www.ctnsstars.org


Invitation to AAR Reception in Chicago

Those attending the annual meetings of the American Academy of Religion in Chicago are invited to a co-hosted reception on Saturday, November 1st from 7:00 to 10:00 pm in Clark 7, Palmer House Hilton (M1-413). For many years, three science and religion organizations--CTNS, Institute for Religion in an Age of Science (IRAS) and the Zygon Center for Religion and Science (ZCRS)--have co-hosted a reception or hospitality event at AAR. Check the onsite Annual Meeting Program Book for any last minute room changes.


LeRon Shults to give CTNS Lecture

Professor LeRon Shults, Professor of Theology at the University of Agder in Norway is scheduled to discuss his book on Christology and Science (Ashgate) at a CTNS Public Forum on November 5 at 7:00 pm in the GTU Board Room, 2400 Ridge Road, Berkeley, California. CTNS Public Forums are free and open to the public. Check the news section of the CTNS website in October for more details. http://www.ctns.org


CTNS-VO "Capstone" Volume Table of Contents

Volume 6 in the CTNS-Vatican Observatory series, Scientific Perspectives on Divine Actscientific perspeectives on divine action coverion, has been sent to the Vatican Observatory Press in Rome. We expect the volume to be available in the states through the University of Notre Dame Press distribution by early November and through Vatican Observatory Press in non-USA countries.
CTNS is pleased to present the Table of Contents:

Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action:
Twenty Years of Challenge and Progress

Volume 6

Robert John Russell, Nancey Murphy and William R. Stoeger, S. J., Editors

Table of Contents:
Foreword: George V. Coyne, S. J.
Introduction: Robert John Russell

I.  Critical Appraisals of the Series as a Whole
1.  Robert John Russell: "Challenge and Progress in 'Theology and Science': An Overview of the VO/CTNS Series"
2.  George Ellis: "Scientific Issues: Ground Covered and Horizons Unfolding"

II. Philosophical Analysis of Specific Issues in the Series
3. Philip Clayton: "Toward a Theory of Divine Action That Has Traction"
4. Nancey Murphy: "Emergence, Downward Causation, and Divine Action"
5. Wesley J. Wildman: "The Divine Action Project, 1988-2003"

III. Theological Analysis of Specific Issues in the Series
6. Niels Henrik Gregersen: "Special Divine Action and the Quilt of Laws: Why the Distinction between Special and General Divine Action Cannot Be Maintained"
7. Arthur Peacocke: "Some Reflections on 'Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action"
8. William R. Stoeger: "Conceiving Divine Action in a Dynamic Universe"
9. Thomas F. Tracy: "Special Divine Action and the Laws of Nature"
10. Keith Ward: "Divine Action in an Emergent Cosmos"
11. Kirk Wegter-McNelly: "Does God Need Room to Act?  Theo-Physical In/Compatibilism in Noninterventionist Theories of Objectively Special Divine Action"
12. Mark Worthing: "Reflections on the VO/CTNS Series on Divine Action from the Perspective of Theology and Science"

IV. Resources for Further Research.
1. Contributors
2. Name Index
3. Subject Index

Copyright © Vatican Observatory Foundation 2008



CTNS Honors the Legacy of Sir John Templeton

It is with great sadness we report John Mark Templetonís passing on Tuesday, July 8, 2008 at the age of 95. He died in Nassau, the Bahamas after battling pneumonia.

"Sir John," as he was affectionately known around CTNS, was an extremely successful investor and entrepreneur who combined boundless energy with continuous curiosity.  He remained convinced that humanityís potential for "spiritual progress," as he called it, was largely untapped.  To foster growth in and study of spiritual and religious matters, he devoted his significant fortune to philanthropic interests through the John Templeton Foundation and other entities.  He was fond of encouraging new thinking on difficult questions, yet recognizing the limitations of human efforts at greater knowledge and understanding.

Among his many interests, Sir John focused on supporting work that sought to bring science and religion into dialogue and conversation.  In that effort, CTNS developed a number of key programs that helped solidify and grow the dialogue, several of which received support from Sir John through the John Templeton Foundation. Indeed, some of CTNS's largest and most successful programs have resulted from this partnership: Science and the Spiritual Quest (SSQ), the Science and Religion Course Program (SRCP), and the Science and Transcendence Advanced Research Series (STARS). 

Without doubt, CTNS has benefitted greatly from Sir John's vision and commitment to the field, and we will remain forever grateful for his generous spirit and humble vision.  Along with his family, friends, and colleagues, we mourn the passing of Sir John, and remain committed to the creative mutual interaction of theology and science of which he was such a strong supporter.

Visit www.templeton.org for more information on Sir John's legacy.


Bay Area Friends: Donate your Vehicle and Help Support CTNS

CTNS has partnered with Volunteers of America's Bay Area Charity Connection to receive tax-deductible funds from your vehicle donation! If you live in the greater San Francisco Bay Area (potentially as far south as San Jose and as far east as Sacramento), this "turn-key" system takes care of the paperwork, while helping CTNS and the donor by providing the "leg work" and a tax-deductible donation.

Volunteers of America's Bay Area Charity Connection (itself a non-profit) assists other non-profits in obtaining donations of automobiles, boats and recreational vehicles for public sale through its Automobile Donation Program. Sixty percent of net proceeds are returned to the participating non-profit agency; the remaining proceeds support Volunteers of America Bay Area's 30 community-based programs.

Here's how Charity Connection works: The automobile donor notifies Charity Connection of their donation. Charity Connection arranges for pickup of the donated vehicle (or the donor may request to drive the vehicle to the Oakland yard) and the paperwork to accept title. Charity Connection then provides the donor and the public charity (CTNS) with a receipt for the vehicle, and assumes responsibility for its transportation, storage and sale. The title is not transferred until the vehicle is sold, and all administrative tasks are handled by Charity Connection.

Volunteers of America has operated a donation program for automobiles, boats and recreational vehicles since 1984. The program has been very successful and has generated thousands of dollars to support local charities and the Volunteers of America Bay Area's other programs and services.

If you would like more information on this fund-raising program, or if you would like to donate an automobile and name the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS) as your charity, please visit www.voaba.org/  and click on "Donate Your Vehicle," e-mail info@voaba.org or call Charity Connection at 1-800-559-5458.

NOTE: towing is free (for the donor, but the cost of the towing is $75.00 and will be covered by the Beneficiary who will receive half of whatever is received MINUS $75.00. If the vehicle is drivable, then please drive it in to Oakland). 


Journal News

Theology and Science News

Here is a sneak peek of the current edition which will ship soon to CTNS members:

Volume 6  Number 3 /August 2008

Peter Harrison, "Religion, the Royal Society, and the Rise of Science"
Varadaraja V. Raman, "Variety in Mysticism and Parallels with Science"
Antje Jackelén, "What Theology Can Do for Science"
Christopher C. Knight, "The Fallen Cosmos: An Aspect of Eastern Christian Thought and Its Relevance to the Dialogue Between Science and Theology"
Brock C. Schroeder, "Science Instruction in the Context of Christian Faith"
Michael Raschko, "Anticipation in Spirit and Nature: John Haught's Use of the Ontological Argument"
Howard J. Van Till, "How Firm a Foundation? A Response to Justin L. Barrett's 'Is the Spell Really Broken?'"

Book Reviews
John B. Cobb: Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in an Age of Science by Paul Ingram
Paul O. Ingram: Hidden Dimensions: The Unification of Physics and Consciousness by
B. Alan Wallace
Nathan J. Hallanger: Preaching Eugenics: Religious Leaders and the American Eugenics Movement by Christine Rosen

T & S coverIf you are not yet a member of CTNS, it isn't too late. Join now and receive all four 2008 issues of Theology and Science. Visit the CTNS membership webpage for more information and to register: www.ctns.org/membership.html

Scholars wishing to submit articles for consideration to Theology and Science may contact Joshua Moritz, Managing Editor, by emailing theology-science@ctns.org or by writing to Theology and Science, CTNS, 2400 Ridge Rd., Berkeley, CA 94709, USA. If you are interested in writing a book review or submitting books for review, contact the Book Review Editor, via email: bookreviews@ctns.org or call 510-848-8152, Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PDT.

Please send editorial comments or suggestions to: theology-science@ctns.org. Information for authors or reviewers may be found at www.ctns.org/theology_science.html.

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The Inside Scoop

CTNS Member News

Members' On-line Journal Access

On-line access to Theology & Science
Current members* of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, are entitled to access the on-line version of Theology and Science editions free of charge.

Theology and Science on-line is hosted by InformaWorld, (www.informaworld.com), "a one-stop site hosting journals, eBooks, abstract databases and reference works published by Taylor & Francis, Routledge, Psychology Press and Informa Healthcare." 

*Note: Allow 4 weeks after joining CTNS or renewing your membership, to receive your login information from InformaWorld.

If you are unsure if your CTNS membership is current, or have other questions, please contact the CTNS Membership Coordinator at ctnsinfo@ctns.org.

CTNS Members Access On-Line Articles from The CTNS Bulletin

CTNS members are given access to Volumes 10-22 of The CTNS Bulletin articles via PDF files on the website. (The CTNS Bulletin is the predecessor to Theology and Science.) This file is searchable by author or article/book review title.

Note: This is a separate on-line access system from the current CTNS journal, Theology and Science which is hosted at Informaworld.com.


CTNS-GTU Courses

Two CTNS courses are offered this fall semester. Students must register with the degree-granting institution, the Graduate Theological Union, or one of the partnered seminaries. Visit www.gtu.edu for details.

History of Theology: 1914-1965 (STHS 5111-01)
George Griener (JSTB)/ Robert Russell (GTU/CTNS); 3.00 Units
This seminar explores major Protestant and Roman Catholic theologians from World War I to Vatican II. The class focuses on key figures and movements from theological, political, philosophical, and cultural perspectives. The course is required for Systematic and Philosophical Theology doctoral students and is open to master's level students in the final year of their programs with Faculty permission.

Creation and Cosmology (STSP 4870-01)
Ted Peters (PLTS)/ Carl Pennypacker (UCB)/ Nathan Hallanger (CTNS); 3.00 units

Within the field of "Theology and Science," this course will combine physical cosmology with the Christian understanding of the world as God's creation. It will include active exploration and measurement of the universe, its origin and future, with special attention to Big Bang cosmology and the evolution of life both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. Astrophysics and astrobiology will be placed into creative interaction with theological concerns for creation, anthropology, and eschatology. The inherent spiritual dimensions of outer space will be analyzed in conjunction with the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). This course is aimed primarily at MDiv students to enhance their preaching and teaching ministries. Evaluation: Class participation and a term paper.


Robert Lawrence Kuhn joins the CTNS Board of Directors

The CTNS Board of Directors Nominating Committee is pleased to announce that Robert Lawrence Kuhn will join the Board of Directors. Dr. Kuhn has a doctorate in brain research, an M.S. in management, has authored or edited more than twenty-five books, is an international investment banker and recognized as an expert on China. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Kuhn is chairman of The Kuhn Foundation, which he founded and funded to disseminate new knowledge and understanding in science and philosophy, support cultural endeavors, and promote good relations between America and China.

One of Dr. Kuhn's recent projects, Closer To Truth: Cosmos, Consciousness, God, has been a lifelong passion. The new production of this television series, for which Dr. Kuhn serves at executive producer and series creator, will be airing soon (watch your PBS listings.) Closer To Truth focuses on three fundamental and interrelated subjects: Consciousness (brain, mind, free will, personal identity, alien intelligence, parapsychology), Cosmos (cosmology, fundamental physics, philosophy of cosmology and physics, emergence, science and religion), and God (philosophy of religion, philosophical theology, critical thinking). Featured are 128 of the world's leading scientists, philosophers, scholars and thinkers including some current members of the CTNS Board of Directors. Kuhn will bring to the board, science and business experience, energy, creativity and more. Welcome, Robert.


Staff News

Dennis Hair, STARS Program Director, has taken a new position with a pharmaceutical company near Dennis Hairhis home in Norman, Oklahoma. Although STARS is a 4-year program, we contracted with Dennis at the outset to be with us full-time for the first three years and so this transition has long been anticipated.  I know you share our deep appreciation for his dedication to the program, his leadership in its development, his attention to detail and to managing the competitions and conference events, and his positive, supportive STARS logoattitude. Everyone at CTNS wishes Dennis and his family the best in his new position.  

STARS research teams will direct future questions to Robert Russell or Braden Molhoek at ctnsstars@ctns.org or by calling 510-649-2490.

James Haag

Congratulations are in order for Theology and Science Managing Editor, James Haag. Jamie received his Ph.D. in systematic and philosophical theology at the Graduate Theological Union this year and has acquired a position as Senior Lecturer of Philosophy at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. We will miss you Jamie and Heidi!


CTNS/GTU doctoral student, Joshua Moritz has been appointed as the new Managing Editor of Theology and Science effective August 1, 2008. Joshua is a past recipient of the Charles H. Townes Graduate RJ Russell & J MoritzStudent Fellowship (2007), edited Robert John Russell's book, Cosmology from Alpha to Omega, and managed the final editing of the sixth volume in the CTNS-Vatican Observatory project, Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action: Twenty Years of Challenge and Progress, Robert John Russell, Nancey Murphy and William R. Stoeger, S. J., eds.

Robert J. Russell (L) with Joshua Moritz

Volunteer Thank You!

CTNS wishes to thank Chris Turner, college student at San Francisco State University and son of Scott Turner and Diana Marchesi, CTNS members residing in San Francisco. Chris is graciously giving CTNS two days a week of his summer vacation to help in a variety of tasks in the CTNS offices. Thank you, Chris! Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Network News


ASA / CSCA Annual Meeting, August 1-4, 2008

"The Heart of Science Do Right, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly" annual meetings will be held at George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon. This is the 63rd annual meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation who is meeting with the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation. For more information or to register, visit www.asa3.org


Ted Peters to Speak at Mars Society Conference

Ted PetersThe Mars Society Convention will be held August 14-17, 2008 in Boulder, Colorado.  Specific programs related to our constituents are the sessions on "Religion and Space Exploration." What impact will space exploration have on religion (if any)? What would the theological implications be of finding life on another planet? What has been the history of religion and space studies? We will be discussing these topics and many more aspects of this profound topic. For more information, visit: www.marssociety.org or call (617)909-4425 or email: carberry@marssociety.org


Congratulations to Wim Drees 

CTNS extends congratulations to Willem B. Drees who has been selected as the next Editor-in-Chief for Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science. Dr. Drees holds the chair in philosophy of religion at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Zygon was founded in 1966 and is an outstanding academic journal exploring the interactions between religious convictions, science and technology in the modern world. The first issue to be published under Drees' tenure will be the September 2009 issue.  In the interim Drees will collaborate with retiring Editor Philip Hefner to ensure a smooth transition in the processing and publishing of manuscripts. Dr. Drees expressed his interest in future collaborations with Dr. Russell, CTNS and its journal, Theology and Science.

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