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CTNS Co-Hosts Conference with KIATS

Final plans are underway for a unique two-day conference to be held at the Graduate Theological Union Board Room on February 24, 2006 with the Korean Institute for Advanced Theological Studies (KIATS). This event will be held at the Richard S. Dinner Board Room of the Graduate Theological Union Library, 2400 Ridge Road, Berkeley, CA.

Dr. Bob Russell, Dr. Jaehyun Kim from Korea, along with DooHee Lee, a GTU student, are coordinating the Friday CTNS-hosted science and theology research conference. About a dozen scholars from Korea will be invited to participate in this research conference, along with local Korean scholars and the GTU Korean Student organization. We are pleased that James Donahue, the GTU president will offer a welcome, followed by lectures by Bob Russell, Ted Peters, Jaehyun Kim, Yoon Koo-Dong and others.

Following the Friday conference, the public is invited to a reception at 5:30 pm at the Badè Museum on the Pacific School of Religion (PSR) campus nearby. The CTNS 2005-2006 Graduate Student Fellowships in science and religion will be announced that evening.

Friday Conference General Overview Schedule:

9:30 am. Registration/Coffee/tea/rolls
9:45 Welcome: Dr. James Donahue, President, Graduate Theological Union
10:00 Robert John Russell: Cosmology and Theology: Humanity's Role in the Universe
11:00 Ted Peters: The Cloning and Stem Cell Controversies: A Theological Perspective. Response: Tae II Bai
General Discussion
Lunch break-catered and hosted by KIATS
1 :30 Koo-Dong Yoon, Theological Response to Woo Suk Hwang's First Clone of Human Embryo
3:45 Coffee/tea break
4:00 JaeHyun Kim, Summary Report of Korean Seminars and Questions for further discussion
5:00 Closure/Departure

5:30 CTNS reception at the Bade Museum on the PSR campus.

The Saturday portion of the conference, Part II: Theology and Culture: Theological Issues From the Non-Western Perspectives is hosted by KIATS and the Korean Student Association. It will offer a venue for networking and dialog among the scholars from Korea, participants from local Korean organizations and Korean-American pastors. Contact Doo Hee for information at 510-548-5373 or

For more information on the Friday science and theology conference and reception, contact:

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