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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 14, 2004

CTNS Increases Theology and Science to Three Issues per Year and Offers Members New Features
Effective 2005

The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences ( CTNS ) announces that it is increasing production of its two-year old peer-reviewed journal, Theology and Science, from two issues per year to three issues per year effective March 2005. CTNS 's publishing partner, Taylor and Francis , UK , a division of Routledge Publishing, reports that increased production is clearly warranted after only two years of publication because of the notable subscription response.

CTNS Founder and Director, and Theology and Science co-editor, Robert John Russell says, "I'm delighted that, through the dedicated work of the CTNS team and the excellent staff at Taylor & Francis, our journal will begin its third year with three issues per volume: a 50% increase over its first two years.  I know CTNS members will join me in supporting this extraordinary scholarly addition to the growing field of theology and science by inviting others to become CTNS members and receive the journal in print and on-line, and by contributing articles and suggestions to our journal staff."

Theology and Science debuted in April 2003 with its 140 page premier edition of Volume 1, Number 1. Its Editorial Advisory Board consists of over 50 internationally recognized scholars in science and religion. Editorial Advisory Board member V.V. Raman of the Rochester Institute of Technology, says about the journal, "I would say that in the course of its brief history thus far, Theology and Science has done admirably well by reaching a global audience on a variety of issues of scholarly interest in the field, with articles from authors well known and little known, and promises to be a major player in this newly emerging field." Another member of the Editorial Advisory Board, Karen Lebaczq, of the Pacific School of Religion, also praises the journal: "I come from a family of scientists who felt they had to reject religion in order to be scientific. As one who searches for truth wherever it can be found, I have found this frustrating. It is therefore a joy to find a forum where scientists and religious scholars can have serious discussion over everything from concrete social issues, such as stem cell policy, to underlying metaphysical questions, such as the nature of time and space."

With topics ranging from physics and cosmology to evolutionary biology, genetics, neuroscience and the environmental sciences, Theology and Science examines scientific discoveries from both Christian and multi-religious perspectives. The journal provides a critical and comprehensive collection of articles that promote the creative mutual interaction between the natural sciences and theology. CTNS members receive both the printed and on-line versions of Theology and Science .

According to Co-Editor Ted Peters, "The pages of Theology and Science provide thoughtful analyses of the cutting edge issues in the dialogue of natural scientists with theologians, religious studies scholars, and ethicists. Leading thinkers are met with critical reviews of their work; and they respond with defense or revision of their views. This journal is the pioneer of the rapidly advancing frontier in this exciting field."

The journal is co-edited by: Ted Peters, Professor of Systematic Theology, The Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary at the Graduate Theological Union, and Robert J. Russell, Professor of Theology and Science in Residence, the Graduate Theological Union and Founder and Director, The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences.

Scholars wishing to submit articles for consideration may contact Whitney Bauman, Managing Editor, Theology and Science by emailing: or writing to Theology and Science , CTNS , 2400 Ridge Rd. , Berkeley , CA 94709 USA . Author's Instructions may be found on the web site at

As an additional CTNS members-only benefit, Volumes 10 through 22 of The CTNS Bulletin , (the predecessor to Theology and Science ), have been converted to PDF files and can be viewed on the CTNS web site effective early 2005. Those wishing to renew their memberships or join CTNS for 2005 will have only a slight increase in membership fees to offset the added journal issue and on-line features. CTNS Founder and Director, Robert J. Russell remarks, "CTNS anticipates that many CTNS members as either interested individuals, graduate students or scholars, will benefit from this outstanding on-line resource of fifty-two complete issues of the CTNS Bulletin. This membership-only resource significantly increases the current membership benefits of CTNS."

The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences ( is a nonprofit academic center and international membership organization affiliated with the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley , California . CTNS 's mission is to promote the creative mutual interaction of theology and the natural sciences through research, teaching, and public service. Established in 1981, CTNS has conducted major programs such as the Science and Religion Course Program, the Science and the Spiritual Quest Program, and the CTNS -Vatican Observatory Research Collaboration. For more information, visit, email , or call 510-649-2564.



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