NIH Director Francis Collins Interviewed by BioLogos

"Science and Faith in Pandemic Times" Interview with Francis Collins

On April 6th, Jim Stump of BioLogos spoke with Francis Collins, the Director of the National Institutes of Health about the COVID-19 pandemic in a Livestream event called "Science and Faith in Pandemic Times"

BioLogos has described the event as follows: "Francis Collins, the nation's leader of biomedical research, is interviewed about the COVID-19 pandemic. He shares the latest research on the virus and how it spreads, debunking some of the false information that is circulating. He responds to viewer questions, explaining the science in understandable terms and showing what we each can do to help. And he reflects on the pandemic as a follower of Jesus Christ, drawing on multiple scripture passages to explain how he is wrestling with the challenges personally and spiritually. This is a great event to share with churches, students, colleagues, and family."

You can watch the recorded event here: