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Dr. Robert Russell

Dr. Robert J. Russell is the Founder and Director of CTNS and the Ian G. Barbour Professor of Theology and Science at the GTU. He is ordained in the United Church of Christ to Ministry in higher education. Dr. Russell is the author of Time in Eternity: Pannenberg, Physics, and Eschatology in Creative Mutual Interaction, (University of Notre Dame Press, 2012), Cosmology from Alpha to Omega: Towards the Mutual Creative Interaction of Theology and Science (Fortress Press, 2008), serves as primary editor of theVatican Observatory / CTNS volumes on theology and science focused on science and divine action, is editor of the festschrift, Fifty Years in Science and Religion: Ian G. Barbour and His Legacy, and is author of numerous articles in the science and religion dialogue. Dr. Russell serves as Founding Co-editor of Theology and Science journal, and as PI of “Technical Assessment of Three Prior JTF-Funded Programs by CTNS and Strategies for the its Future (TASF)”.