At the heart of CTNS’s mission is providing a wide variety of resources to students, scientists, humanities scholars, and the general public on a wide variety of topics in the field of theology and science.

While there is a great variety to the resources offered, CTNS aims to provide scholarship at the highest level of academic excellence. As part of that aim, CTNS produces a well-acclaimed, quarterly peer-reviewed journal, Theology and Science, which followed two decades of publication of excellent articles in the CTNS Bulletin.

Through many programs and projects over a long history of rigorous study and research, CTNS has produced a library of high-quality monographs and volumes.

Please visit our books section below to see some of the work CTNS has produced, including chapter summaries of the books from the Vatican Observatory/ CTNS collaboration. In addition, we offer a “state of the field” survey which, while written in 2001, still has value today. We hope you find much to interest you here!