Visiting Scholars

Over the years CTNS has been a place where graduate students come to learn about the theology and science dialogue, but the center also attracts visiting scholars who are interested in learning more about the field. Although CTNS does not have the funds to support visiting scholars, we can help scholars navigate the process of obtaining GTU library access, and provide advice on living in the bay area. Visiting scholars in the past have spent anywhere from a few days to an entire semester on campus and have attended courses, spent time researching and writing, and sometimes even giving a public presentation of their work. If you are interested in more information, please contact us!


Visiting scholars have included:

Ted Davis

Rope Kojonen

Franz Krainer

Heup Young Kim (below right)

Johanne S. Teglbjærg Kristensen

Norm Laurendeau

Andreas Losch

Young Bin Moon

Knut-Willy Saether

Paul Santmire

Christopher Southgate (below left)

Thomas Tracy