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2019 Russell Family Research Fellowship with Joshua Moritz “What Has Science to do with Youth Ministry?: Why Theological Engagement with the Natural Sciences is Vital for Effective and Impactful Youth Ministry"

2018 Russell Family Research Fellowship with Ron Cole-Turner: “New Perspectives from Science on Human Origins"

2017 Russell Family Research Fellowship with Hava Tirosh-Samuleson: “In Pursuit of Perfection: The Misguided Transhumanist Vision”

2016 Russell Family Fellowship with Terrence Deacon and Tyrone Cashman: “Science, Naturalized Teleology and a Metaphysics of Incompleteness”

2015 J. K. Russell Conference with Noreen Herzfeld: “More than Information: A Christian Critique of a New Dualism”

2013 J. K. Russell Conference with Niels Gregersen: “God, Information and the Sciences of Complexity”

2006 J.K. Russell Conference with Ted Peters and Martinez Hewlett: “Assessing The Case(s) for Theistic Evolution”

Scientific and Theological Understandings of Randomness in Nature (SATURN) Conference October 11, 2014

Andrew Robinson and Christopher Southgate, "Evolution, Creation and Semiotics"


2017 Student Showcase

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2014 Student Showcase

Science and Spirit Conference

CTNS 35th Anniversary: Celebrating CTNS's 35th Anniversary and New Beginning as a Program Unit of the GTU

CTNS 35th Anniversary Speeches

London Gifford Symposium, Gifford Lectures Revisited: Reflections of Seven Templeton Laureates, "How my Mind has Changed"