The Russell Family Research Fellowship in Religion and Science

The annual Russell Family Research Fellowship brings internationally distinguished scholars in religion and science to the Graduate Theological Union for a period of research, teaching and public events.

Charles H. Townes Graduate Student Fellowship in Theology and Science

The Charles H. Townes Graduate Student Fellowship helps support doctoral students at the Graduate Theological Union working in science and theology.

Current Programs


Astrotheology, as defined by P.I. Ted Peters is “that branch of theology which provides a critical analysis of the contemporary space sciences combined with an explication of classic doctrines such as creation and Christology for the purpose of constructing a comprehensive and meaningful understanding of our human situation within an astonishingly immense cosmos.”

Past Major Programs

Vatican Observatory and CTNS Collaboration

The Vatican Observatory-CTNS book series is the fruit of a multi-year collaborative research project between the two institutions. It brought together into creative mutual interaction a diversity of topics in contemporary systematic and philosophical theology and fundamental theories and...

Human Genome Project

From 1991 to 1994 CTNS ran a project on the ethical and theological implications of the Human Genome project, with Robert Russell and Ted Peters serving as Co-PIs. For this three-year project, CTNS scholars explored the theological assumptions underlying the ethical debates surrounding the NIH...


The goal of STARS was to sponsor research by small teams of scientists and humanities scholars on the ways science, in light of philosophical and theological reflection, points towards the nature, character and meaning of ultimate reality.

Scientific And Theological Understandings of Randomness in Nature (SATURN)

SATURN is an interdisciplinary research program in theology and science, which starts with the growing scientific evidence for randomness in nature: in dynamic, self-organizing, complex, and autopoietic systems in the everyday world, in quantum processes at the subatomic level, and at the level of...

Science and Religion Course Program

The Science and Religion Course Program was an eight-year initiative to encourage the teaching of science and religion in seminaries, colleges, and universities worldwide. The Course Program was initially administered by Gordon College and focused primarily on scholars in North America and England...

The SSQ Program

Until 2003, CTNS managed Science and the Spiritual Quest, a program that promotes dialogue among leading scientists on the connections between their scientific work and their religious or spiritual identities. During its seven years the Science and the Spiritual Quest program involved over 120...