Fifty Years in Science and Religion: Ian G. Barbour and his Legacy

nullFifty Years in Science and Religion: Ian G. Barbour and His Legacy

Edited by Robert John Russell

ISBN: 075464118X (paperback) 0754641171(hardback)
Publication Date: 12/23/2004


 nullFifty Years in Science and Religion brings together nineteen leading scholars in the field to offer an appreciative yet critical assessment of the impact of Barbour's work on science and religion and to point ahead towards future critical areas, goals and tasks that await new research and visionary exploration. This book includes a unique autobiography by Barbour in which for the first time he shares and reflects on his life and work, and a detailed bibliography of Barbour's works. Together, the authors demonstrate how Barbour's writings and the hundreds of scholars who have now become part of the field have changed the course of intellectual history in the West by making possible and necessary a truly constructive engagement between science and religion in the context of inter-religious dialogue and the global human and environmental challenges of our time.Ian G. Barbour is the internationally acknowledged pioneer in the field of 'science and religion'. Although public opinion is often swayed by strident voices which attempt to place science and religion in conflict or keep them totally isolated, Barbour's voluminous contributions over the past fifty years have carved out a trusted pathway to constructive dialogue and creative mutual interaction between science and religion.


Introduction, Robert John Russell
A personal odyssey, Ian G. Barbour

Barbour's scientific contributions
Ian G. Barbour's contributions as a scientist, Carl York

Barbour's contributions to methodology
Ian Barbour's methodological breakthrough: creating the 'bridge' between science and theology, Robert John Russell
Barbour's way(s) of relating science and theology, Christian Berg
Critical realism and other realisms, Niels Henrik Gregersen
Religion, theology, and the philosophy of science: an appreciation of the work of Ian Barbour, Nancey Murphy

Barbour's contributions to theological and ethical issues
A. God and nature:
Barbour's panentheistic metaphysic, Philip Clayton
B. Physics and cosmology:
What is 'the universe' which cosmology studies?, William R. Stoeger, S. J.
Barbour's assessment of the philosophical and theological implications of physics and cosmology, Robert John Russell
C. Evolution, anthropology and neuroscience:
Case studies in Barbour's integrative model: liberal Anglo-Catholicism in the 1920s, W. Mark Richardson
DNA, Darwin, and doxology: a contemporary conversation between biology and faith, Martinez J. Hewlett
Selfish Genes and Loving Persons, Ted Peters
D. Technology and the environment:
Technology requires ethical decisions, Roger L. Shinn
Ethics, technology, and the environment, Judith N. Scoville
"Environment/ethics' and 'science/religion': converging streams in Barbour's work, Christopher Southgate

Theological perspectives on Barbour's work
A. Process theology:
God and physics in the thought of Ian Barbour, John B. Cobb, Jr.
Barbour in process: contributions to process theology, Ernest Simmons
B. Roman Catholic theology:
Catholicism and Ian Barbour on Theology and Science, Anne M. Clifford
'Seeing the Universe': Ian Barbour and Teilhard de Chardin, John M. Haught
C. Buddhist theology:
A reflection on Buddhist-Christian dialogue with the natural sciences, Paul O. Ingram
Barbour, Buddhism, Bohm, and beyond, Jensine Andresen

Published works of Ian Graeme Barbour, Christian Berg