Science and Religion Course program: Selected Prize-Winning Syllabi

Topic Course Title Author
Evolution The Evolution Controversy Adams, Paul
Cosmology Cosmology and Creation Ambrose, Rajkumar
Social Sciences Self and Personality: Contemporary and Traditional Perspectives Amjad, Naumana
Survey Courses Science & Religion Antonov, Anton
Survey Courses Science, Religion and Africa in the New Millennium Asojo, Theresa T., Ph.D.
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology Torah and Science Aviezer, Nathan
History Science and Religion: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives in the Western World and South Africa Barrett, Peter
Ethics Science, Religion, and Values Bertocci, Rosemary
Biology Religion & Science: Biology, Minds, and Souls Bland, Kalman
Survey Courses Origin and Evolution of the Universe: An Exploration of the Worldviews of Science and Religion Boisvert, Kate Grayson
Ecology Ecological Issues in Science and Religion Bouma, Rolf
Survey Courses Religion and Science Budenholzer, Frank
Neuroscience Dreaming: Religious and Scientific Approaches Bulkeley, Kelly
History Christianity and History of Science Cheon, Samuel
Neuroscience Special Topics in Biology: Neuroscience and Christianity Cianci, Karen M.
Survey Courses Theology of Nature Cole-Turner, Ron
History Science & Religion: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives Crain, D. Andrew
Survey Courses Science and Religious Experience Crampton, Stuart B.
Biology Playing God: Genetics, Ecology, and Religion Crysdale, Cynthia S.W.
Survey Courses Science and Christian Belief Day, Allan
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology God and Nature: Scientific Perspectives on Humanity and the Cosmos Elisara, Christopher
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology God’s Action in Nature: ‘Science and Theology’ from an Islamic Perspective Fatoorchi, Pirooz
Survey Courses Science & Theology Fuller, Michael
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology Philosophy of Science and Religion George, Marie
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology Science and Religion Golshani, Mehdi
Theodicy The Problem of Evil: Theodicies from the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences and World Religions Goss, Robert
Cosmology Science & Religious Belief Gouldstone, Tim
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology Probability, the Philosophy of Science, and the Philosophy of Religion Hájek, Alan
Cosmology Views of the Cosmos Halpern, Paul
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology Science and Religious Belief Harrison, Peter
Math/Computer Sciences Philosophical, Ethical, and Religious Issues in Computer Science Herzfeld, Noreen
Chemistry Religion and Natural Science Heszler, Peter
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology Philosophical Issues in Religion and Science Holley, David
Chemistry Science, Religion and the Search for God Holt, Patrick
Evolution Darwin's Entangled Bank: The Cultural Legacy of Evolution Howarth, William
Survey Courses Selected Topics: Science and Religion Hudelson, Richard
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology Islam and Science: Scientific and Religious Perspectives on Life and Cosmos Iqbal, Muzaffar
Ecology Spirit Matters: In Search of a Personal Ecology Irish, Jerry
Ecology Science-Religion Dialogue and Ecology: An Asian Perspective Kalapura, Jose
Survey Courses Science and Religion: In Search of Origins Kang Phee Seng
Ecology Buddhism and Ecology Kaza, Stephanie
Evolution Graduate Seminar: Dialogue in Science and Religion Keller, Albert
Survey Courses The Science and Religion Dialogue: A Hermeneutic of Humility Kim, Stephen
Survey Courses Science & Spirit King, Carolyn
Cognitive Science Is the Body Enough? Cognitive Science, Embodiment, and Religious Experience Kovach, Judith
Ecology Environmental Science: Meaning in Indigenous Religion Lambert, Lori
Survey Courses Science, Theology and the Future Landry, James
Survey Courses Christian Theology and Natural Science: An Introduction to the Conversation Leslie, Ben
Survey Courses Science & Religion: Conflicts & Connections McCoy, Genevievie
Psychology Contemporary Issues: Psychology, Science and Religion Miner, Maureen
Survey Courses Religion and Science: An Overview Moon, Young Bin
Neuroscience Body and Spirit: Toward a Mutual Understanding Newberg, Andrew
Survey Courses The Multidimensional Man: Scientific Diagnosis and Christianity Perspective Nikolenko, Volodymyr
History Science and Belief from the Copernicans to the Creationists and the Way Ahead Noll, Mark
Neuroscience Developments in the Neurosciences and the Nature of Persons Norman, Wayne
History Science and Religion in the Western Tradition: An Introduction to Historical Approaches Olson, Richard
History Science and Religion in the 17th Century Osler, Margaret
Economics Theological Perspectives on the Science of Economy Oslington, Paul
Survey Courses Science and the Eastern Religions: Towards an Integral Vision of Reality Pamplany, Fr. Agustine
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology Science, Philosophy and Theology: A Possible Dialogue? Pascual, Rafael
History Christianity and Science: A Multidisciplinary Approach Patterson, Gary
Cognitive Science Approaches to Consciousness: Buddhism and Cognitive Science Payne, Richard
Ecology Science, Religion and Environmentalism: Interwoven Worldviews Proctor, James
Survey Courses Encounters of Science and Religion Robertson, John
Survey Courses A Dialogue Between Religion and Science Shalaby, Ragaa
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology The Philosophy of Science and Religion Sibley, Jack
History Science and Religion: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives Snobelen, Stephen
Evolution Interpreting Evolution & Creation: Scientific & Religious Perspectives Spencer, Dan
Theodicy Science & Religion Stening, Robert
Ecology Religion, Science and the Environment Thompson, J. Milburn
Ecology An Ecological Theology of Moana (Creation): An Oceanic Perspective Tofaeono, Ama'amalele
Cosmology Cosmological Anthropology Toth, Mihály
Survey Courses Hinduism and Natural Science: Scientific and Religious Thinking of the Hindu Tradition Toth-Soma, Lazlo
History History of Science and Religion Trenn, Thaddeus
Math/Computer Sciences Science and Spirit: A Mathaphorical Tour Voss, Sarah
Ethics Genetics, Theology and Ethics Walters, Gregory
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology The Philosophy of Religion and Science Watkin, Julia
Social Sciences Bridging Voices: A Proposal to Link Orthodox Jewish Women Studying Social Science Theory in Israel and U.S. Students Studying the Sociology of Religion Williamson, David
Philosophy and Philosophical Theology Current Issues in Theology and the Sciences I: Christian Doctrine in a Science-Oriented World Yee, Margaret
History From Physics to Metaphysics: The Changing Face of Scientific Imagination Zakai, Avihu