An important component of the CTNS mission is to encourage creative teaching in science and religion.

The Barbour Chair offers doctoral and seminary courses in theology and science in both a Christian-ecumenical and an inter-faith setting. And as an endowed Chair at the Graduate Theological Union (GTU), it ensures a permanent place for theology and science in the GTU curriculum. CTNS faculty teach courses and lecture at the GTU and its member seminaries. However, the pedagogical work of CTNS is not limited to teaching courses at the GTU. Under CTNS’s governance, the now completed Science and Religion Course Program (SRCP) awarded over 330 grants of $10,000 each to professors around the world who developed new courses in science and religion, and sponsored some 50 supporting conferences and workshops on the art and method of teaching in this interdisciplinary field. SRCP and other such programs have produced a number of valuable resources for teachers and learners alike. And CTNS publications serve the academic community by providing texts for use in classes at all levels of interest, from adult education to graduate research.