Science and Religion Course Program

The Science and Religion Course Program was an eight-year initiative to encourage the teaching of science and religion in seminaries, colleges, and universities worldwide. The Course Program was initially administered by Gordon College and focused primarily on scholars in North America and England. From 1998-2002, CTNS administered and broadened the program in a variety of ways, which centered principally on three aims: (1) to strengthen the base of scholars currently teaching in this field, (2) to broaden the impact of science and religion on leading research universities and theological seminaries, and (3) to further internationalize dialogue and augment its inter-faith context by introducing and cultivating programmatic work in Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, continental Europe, and Latin America. Ted Peters served as Principal Investigator for the CTNS-administered program.

During the entire history of the Course Program, over seven hundred US $10,000 Course Awards were distributed to institutions and professors across the globe. The intercultural and inter-religious community of scholars and the extensive legacy of pedagogical resources that the Course Program created continue to influence ongoing dialogues between science and religion. This program was made possible by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation.