Virtuous AI?: Cultural Evolution, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtue





In July 2022, The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS) announced the start of a new three-year research project funded by the John Templeton Foundation. The research titled "Virtuous AI?: Cultural Evolution, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtue" will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), its cultural and ethical implications, how this could impact human virtue, and how we might envision AI and virtue. More information about the new project can be found on the CTNS website.


As part of the new project, CTNS is hosting three online conferences in the summer of 2023. The conferences will be focused on time zones centered on Seoul, Berkeley, and Rome. This is to encourage participation by scientists, engineers, and humanities scholars from a wide variety of scientific, religious, and philosophical perspectives, cultural traditions, and geographic locations interested in the intersection between AI and virtue. 


CTNS welcomes papers for these conferences on three core questions. More details on the three core questions can be found in this link.


1) How and to what extent will AI influence human cultural evolution?

2) Can AI assist humans in the acquisition of virtue?

3) Is AI capable of virtue? If so, are those virtues shared with or distinct from human virtues?


If you are interested, please send your 100-word abstract and a 500-word description of the paper by January 31, 2023, to this link. You can find the same submission link and detailed requirements for the Virtuous AI Conference on the CTNS website


Participants who are selected to deliver their paper online at one of the conferences will be offered a $1000 honorarium.