2019 Townes Fellowship Winners

CTNS is pleased to announce this year’s winners of the Charles H. Townes Graduate Student Fellowship in Theology and Science!  This year’s winners are Hannah Pheasant and Andrew Younan.  Hannah is a Ph.D. candidate in Interdisciplinary Studies with areas of focus including critical theory, ethics, philosophy of language, philosophy of technology and political theory.  The paper she submitted with her application is entitled, “Looking Back in Order to Look Forward,” which is part of a larger project, “The Colonization of the Digital Sphere.”  Fr. Andrew Younan, is a Ph.D. candidate with a concentration in Theology and Science.  His proposed dissertation title is, “Matter, Mathematics, and the Mind of God: Essentialism, Laws of Nature and the Fifth Way of St. Thomas Aquinas.” The paper he submitted for the Townes fellowship is entitled, “The Fifth Way and Mathematical Physics.”  Congratulations to you both!