D'Arpino Essay Contest Awarded

Adriel P. Ramirez, Master’s Degree in Hindu Studies student at the GTU, has been chosen as the D’Arpino Essay Contest winner for his paper, “Be Loved and Love: The Nature of the Divine-Human Relationship.” The composition highlights various dimensions of love coming from Divinity with respect to the Caitanya School of Kṛṣṇa bhakti. The school proposes that elements of the Divine-human relationship reflect relationships within our world as illuminated by the natural sciences. Analysis of these relationships and demonstration of what is most valued to our world is undertaken. Assimilation of Divinity’s love for all beings and the value of love by souls of this world provide a connection that sheds light on the nature of the Divine-human relationship to be one of love. Many thanks to Emilio (Chick) D’Arpino for the idea for and financial support of this prize. (Click the link below to view the winning paper.)