Science and Religion: Beyond Warfare and Toward Understanding

Joshua M. Moritz
Anselm Academic, 2016
ISBN-10: 1599827158 ISBN-13: 978-1599827155

What happens when religious faith meets scientific facts?

Many believe that conflict defines the relationship between science and religion, especially the Christian religion. But the war between faith and science is a myth--a very popular myth--that has endured for too long.

By investigating the root of this myth and reexamining its classic stories, Science and Religion: Beyond Warfare and Toward Understanding offers a more accurate relationship between science and religion. With a focus on Christianity, the text explores causes of contemporary conflicts and cases in which science and religion have interacted in mutually beneficial ways to demonstrate that, in the relationship between science and religion, harmony is more common than discord.

Joshua M. Moritz is a lecturer in philosophical theology and natural science at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and an adjunct professor of philosophy at the University of San Francisco.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Science versus Religion: The War That Never Was

Chapter 2: The Role of Faith in the History of Science

Chapter 3: The Boundaries and Limits of Science and Faith

Chapter 4: Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science and Faith without Limits

Chapter 5: Creation and the Cosmos

Chapter 6: The Forming of Life: From Cosmic Dust to Consciousness

Chapter 7: From Consciousness to New Creation: The Nature and Destiny of Humanity

Chapter 8: Miracles and the Laws of Nature

Chapter 9: God, the Problem of Suffering, and the Natural Sciences

Chapter 10: The End of All Things and the New Beginning