Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action: Twenty Years of Challenge and Progress

Edited by Robert John Russell, Nancey Murphy and William Stoeger, S.J.
Vatican Observatory and CTNS, 2008
ISBN-13: 978-8820979614ISBN-10: 8820979616

This collection of thirteen essays assesses the scholarly contribution of the series Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action, comprised of five volumes resulting from international research conferences co-sponsored by the Vatican Observatory and the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences between 1991 and 2000. The overarching goal of the series was to advance the engagement of constructive theology with the natural sciences with special attention to the theme of divine action and to investigate the philosophical and theological elements within science.

The volume is divided into three sections: In Section One, contributors review the history of the series and the development of new research methodology; in Section Two, authors provide philosophical analysis of specific issues in the series; and in Section Three, contributors offer theological analyses of specific issues.

Table of Contents

Foreword: George V. Coyne, S. J.
Introduction: Robert John Russell

I. Critical Appraisals of the Series as a Whole

1. "Challenge and Progress in 'Theology and Science': An Overview of the VO/CTNS Series," Robert John Russell
2. "Scientific Issues: Ground Covered and Horizons Unfolding," George Ellis

II. Philosophical Analysis of Specific Issues in the Series

3. "Toward a Theory of Divine Action That Has Traction," Philip Clayton
4. "Emergence, Downward Causation, and Divine Action," Nancey Murphy
5. "The Divine Action Project, 1988-2003," Wesley J. Wildman

III. Theological Analysis of Specific Issues in the Series

6. "Special Divine Action and the Quilt of Laws: Why the Distinction between Special and General Divine Action Cannot Be Maintained," Niels Henrik Gregersen
7. "Some Reflections on 'Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action," Arthur Peacocke
8. "Conceiving Divine Action in a Dynamic Universe," William R. Stoeger
9. "Special Divine Action and the Laws of Nature," Thomas F. Tracy
10. "Divine Action in an Emergent Cosmos," Keith Ward
11. "Does God Need Room to Act? Theo-Physical In/Compatibilism in Noninterventionist Theories of Objectively Special Divine Action," Kirk Wegter-McNelly
12. "Reflections on the VO/CTNS Series on Divine Action from the Perspective of Theology and Science," Mark Worthing

IV. Resources for Further Research.
1. Contributors
2. Name Index
3. Subject Index